Small Groups

Make disciples and be discipled

every group is a context for living out discipleship

All people matter and are welcome.

Everyone is welcome, known personally by name, and invited to discipleship.

All people matter enough to challenge toward Christ.

Everyone is in this together, learning to listen to the Spirit and follow Jesus, so we all all take risks to help each other listen, grow, and change.

What do our groups do?

Engage deeper relationships

If you look at how Jesus lived a balanced life, you'll see He shared His time looking up to God, in with His disciples, and out to the world. We do the same. 

Live a cycle of discipleship

Discipleship starts with access to a relationship, and continues as people are continually empowered to pray and activate the power of God's Word for transformation.

Experience continuous breakthrough

God often presents learning opportunities in the life of a disciple. Every group helps make the most of these opportunities to continually grow and change.

Discuss the sermons

Group conversations typically center around the sermon from the weekend. Using discussion guides, which are just simple questions, groups apply what they're learning from God's Word.

Stay accountable to change

The key to change is not just new information but repentance with new action. Groups help everyone make a plan and stick to it. Together we grow and change.

Multiply leadership

Groups empower everyone to engage in discipleship and be discipled. The ultimate goal of discipleship is always deployment - unleashing a disciple to produce more fruit and disciple more people.

When do groups meet?

Our groups currently meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Most groups meet up after work, during dinner, or later in the evening!

Where do groups meet?

Our groups meet in homes all across Lynchburg and the surrounding area. Groups also meet in the church when that is the best central location for everyone!

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