Summer Service Schedule begins May 21st:
 Saturdays @ 6:30PM and Sundays @ 9AM & 11AM

Crosspoint is the kind of church
where you can join Jesus' family and Jesus' mission.

We're all about people
and making disciples.

We make God famous and unleash His Kingdom by making disciples. We make Jesus-centered disciples by the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.

We aim to live Jesus-centered lives.

When the Gospel of King Jesus changes a person's life, everything can change. Together, in dependence on the Holy Spirit, and through Biblical teaching, we're experiencing Gospel changes and unleashing God's Kingdom on earth.

We are a church that plants churches.

We gather in three locations for church on Sundays, but we live like everyday missionaries spreading God's Kingdom everywhere that we live, work, and play. We carry the Kingdom in bands of disciples who can go anywhere.

We share values that unite and guide us.

Wherever we are, we know what to do next, and you can know what to expect. Our common beliefs and values shape our individual decisions, our church's decisions, and what each of our locations is like when you visit. We aim to be consistent in how we live out our values together and spread out.

We empower everyone to join in the mission.

We share our resources generously, even giving our best ones away so others can expand God's Kingdom where they live, work, and play. You can connect, develop, and deploy with us in a variety of teams, groups, and classes. Let us help you serve our community's welfare and make disciples with those around you. 

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