Crosspoint is the kind of church where you can join jesus' family and jesus' mission.

Our values drive everything we do together at Crosspoint.

Transformative Power
of God's Word

We expect God's Word, through sound teaching, to transform us into Jesus-centered disciples. The Bible is the basis of who we are, what we believe, and everything we do. The power for real life change exists through the Word, not our ideas, thoughts, or opinions. God's Word is written in ink, while our plans and theologies are in pencil.


Prayer is simply moving deeper into the heart of God. We are committed to activating personal transformation through prayer and advancing God's Kingdom in society's pillars through Holy Spirit-directed prayers. We boldly access the power of God to defeat every threat and overcome every obstacle as we make the Kingdom of God a reality on earth.

All People Matter

We are broken people loved by the Father, redeemed by Jesus, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. We know through experience that we need to interact with people in genuine, accepting relationships. That includes people who don't even think about Christian spirituality and all the people around Crosspoint who are growing in this Jesus-centered journey with us.

Empowering People

Christ came to the earth and empowered His disciples with all authority in heaven and on earth. He gave them the keys to the Kingdom of God and the authority to live out His church. They were imperfect people who did not have all the answers, and yet Jesus unleashed them to lead and to serve. At Crosspoint, we believe in modeling the example of Jesus by empowering people to use their gifting and passions to serve God at home, at work, and everywhere in between.


God is a generous God. Therefore, the people of God must express His generosity. We desire to be a community of believers who treat others with the same extravagant grace that God has lavished upon us, and we desire to demonstrate this grace in our individual communities, our city, and around the world in a way that is transparent, real, and helpful. We are blessed to be a blessing to each other, Central Virginia, and the world without regard for what it will cost us.

Want to join Jesus family?
King Jesus is your starting point.

Want to join Jesus mission with us?
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Living these values out together
creates a culture that is uniquely inviting to everyone and challenging for everyone.

In a culture like this,
everyone is empowered to make disciples and make a difference for the mission.