Kids + Youth

Babies, toddlers, kids, and teens...

All people matter, and we empower everyone to follow Jesus.

At every age, teams of volunteers are trained to engage your kids at their point in development.
Volunteers create lessons for each age group that align with the content you'll hear preached.
That way, everyone is empowered to follow Jesus.

And most important to us, you are empowered to help your kids follow Jesus.

Nursery + Pre-K



Nursery can range from ages 0-4, but in locations that offer PreK, our team will divide the ages 0-2 and 3-4 for separate teaching times.
Kids Church gathers together ages 5 - 5th grade for a unique lesson of their own. Kids will go to Kids Church after the worship set in each of our services.
Teens gather on Friday nights in a small group setting with our youth team. They discuss the sermon and topics applicable to their age. Get in touch for more details.

Kids at each location

- Nursery, PreK, and Kids Church -
Check your kids in securely before service starts, then go focus on the sermon and let your kids learn a unique lesson. After the service, pick your kids up, and we'll give you a Car Talk to help you talk about the lesson with your kids!


Saturday night and Sunday morning,
we have Nursery, PreK, and Kids Church.
- Check-in Times-
Saturday, 6pm / Sunday, 30min. before all service times



Sunday morning,
we have Nursery, PreK, and Kids Church.
- Check-in Times-
Sunday, 9:30am
Sunday morning,
we have Nursery (0-4) and Kids Church.
- Check-in Times-
Saturday, 9:30am

Car Talk for Parents + Kids

What they learned

Every Car Talk shows you the passage they learned about (which is the same one you just heard in the sermon!) and the memory verse that they're working on.

What they can do about it

Every Car Talk shows you some ways the kids can apply what they're learning, and maybe even some ways you can take action together.

How can you talk about it

Every Car Talk offers some suggestions for questions to ask and ways to talk together. The goal is to empower you to disciple your kids on your own!

Empowering parents + kids to follow Jesus together

Updated live in the mobile app each week!

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