Life Shapes

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Simple shapes, searching questions, and help making disciples.


God created us to do more than exist; He created us to work. So why do we often find ourselves worn out and working for the weekend?


Does prayer frustrate you or seem ineffective? Did you know the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray? 


If you follow a day in the life of Jesus, you see a rhythm of "UP, IN, and OUT." Is that your rhythm? Do you have balance like this?

Temptation Triangle

Jesus was tempted just like we are, so how did He handle temptation? Do you know how to overcome temptation?


Jesus had a unique ability to be highly inviting and highly challenging with everyone. Do you know how to be like this? It's essential for making disciples.


True change in life only does not come through gurus or the latest content. It comes through repentance. Do you know how to truly repent and change?


Jesus calls us to build His Kingdom and serve others. He gives us each a role to play and a way to contribute. Do you know yours?


Jesus made disciples everywhere He went, and He multiplied leaders who could make more disciples. Do you know how to do this too?

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