King Jesus

is our starting point

King Jesus has come to open the doors of God's Kingdom to all people.

The life God intended for us was full and rich, but we chose life without Him. Centered on ourselves, we made a trade: our way over His, our kingdom over His.

But our kingdoms have broken the world — sin, suffering, and death mark our existence. Our self-centeredness harms others and our sin leads to death.

King Jesus shows the way back to the life God always intended.

Jesus lived the full life God intended for us, and He chose life with God in every way. Centered on God's will and our good, He made a trade: God's way over His own, our good over His own.

Because of that, God raised Jesus from the dead and gave Jesus kingship over everything. Now He's fixing what's broken in our world too — He transforms the sin, suffering, and death that mark our existence. His self-giving love builds others back up and His resurrection life will raise us up to new life after we die.

Jesus-centered disciples find life the King Jesus way.

Forgiven by His gift, Jesus-centered disciples put God's way as their highest priority. Trusting in Him for salvation and showing Him the allegiance due a King, Jesus-centered disciples follow Jesus to the best of their ability.

As we learn to live this way together, Jesus' Kingdom can be experienced and unleashed in your life too.

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