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Crosspoint Kids uses “The Gospel Project."

The Gospel Project is a curriculum that aims to teach kids the entire Bible over three years and aims to show kids that Jesus Christ is the central thread of all of Scripture. Check out the scope and sequence.

How does the overall curriculum work?

At some points, you’ll notice a story-by-story approach that progresses through one book of the Bible, while other times, you'll see multiple passages connected to strengthen an understanding of Jesus' central role in Scripture.

What can I expect from a lesson?

You can expect Biblical lessons that are age-appropriate for all children from babies through preteens. Each lesson for kids is accompanied by written and video teaching, as well as key questions, key passages, and a variety of reinforcing activities. The PreTeen content is approached in a more hands-on way where the PreTeen helps discover the key ideas about Jesus and God's Word alongside a parent or leader.