Discipleship Tools

learn to make disciples at home, work,
and everywhere in between

Learning Labs

Learning Labs are interactive times designed to let you learn how to make disciples at home, work, or anywhere in-between. You can get hands-on practice with the Life Shapes or intercultural engagement.  Join the next conversation about discipleship near you.

Life Shapes

Life Shapes are simple tools that explain important discipleship principles. They can be drawn on a napkin at lunch or shared from your phone. Any one of us can use them to make a disciple anywhere. Learn more about each shape or download a PDF summary of all 8 Life Shapes.

Intercultural + Incarnational

Discipleship happens best in relationship and where we live, work, and play. Jesus' church is the epicenter of intercultral reconciliation, a place where everyone is welcome. Learn more about the cycle of discipleship and making disciples with people of any ethnic, economic, or educational background.

Making Jesus-centered disciples is how we'll unleash God's Kingdom on earth.