Crosspoint is the kind of church where you can join jesus' family and jesus' mission.

We're all about people and making disciples.

When the Gospel of King Jesus changes a person's life, everything changes.
Together, we're experiencing this kind of change and, in turn, unleashing God's kingdom on earth.

Together, we can do more than one church on its own.

When the Gospel of King Jesus changes a person's life, everything changes.
When we all join in experiencing and expressing the Kingdom of Jesus, the world can change.
Together, we can experience this kind of change and unleash God's Kingdom on earth.


We believe in the transformative power of God's Word and prayer.

The Bible is the basis of who we are, while prayer advances God's Kingdom and transforms us personally.
Watch our teaching to see just one way we share in this value as a church.

We believe all people matter, and we are committed to empowering people.

All people can find genuine, accepting relationships with us as we carry His Kingdom out.
Join our teams or outreach to make a difference together. Start a band to make disciples together.

We are committed to generosity.

We are always looking to lavish grace on others in the same way God has lavished His grace on us.
Give with us to spread a generous impact to Lynchburg and Central Virginia.


Crosspoint Church is a Wesleyan Church whose faith and practice is:

Centered in Jesus and committed to the authority of Scripture.
Watch our teaching to see how everything we preach, teach, and do comes from Scripture itself and comes to the bottomline: Jesus.
Consumed in worship of the triune God and continually in pursuit of His glory and kingdom.
Engage with us in person to see how we direct everything toward God and His Kingdom and join us in making disciples and unleashing God's Kingdom on earth.

For a full treatment of our beliefs by topic, see below:

We include simple statements on the major theological questions people usually ask.
With each statement is at least one Scripture reference reasoning why we hold that belief.

Want to join Jesus family and mission with us?
King Jesus is your starting point.

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